Don’t be afraid when passing the sticks

There are a lot of thoughts and a battle of ego when passing the sticks.

Don’t be afraid of it. Your legacy will be there. If you are a founder, people will know how you started the company. If you were an early employee, people will know how important you were to move the business.

Whatever your merit was, it will always be there.

Pass the sticks to scale

At some point of the journey, you should pass the sticks. Building a company is a marathon. You can’t run a couple of triathlons in a sequence. It is the same that you won’t be able to teach your kid everything she needs to know for the whole life, she will need to learn from other people and experiences.

New oxygen is great for evolving. A machine needs feedback to become better.

Dictating won’t scale for long

If you are a manager and still dictates what to do next in a specific discipline, you haven’t solved the real problem. You shouldn’t be leading it. Your main skill should be hiring someone that is better than you to solve the problem. Dictating won’t scale for long.

You will automatically notice that you really fixed the problem when you start learning from the person you hired and then start worrying less about it.