Bruno Ghisi is co-founder and CTO of Resultados Digitais. Resultados Digitais provides the leading marketing and sales platform for SMBs in emerging markets with over 15.000 customers and 600 employees. He is responsible for scaling the technology vision and manages more than 100 software engineers and 40 product people across different products and locations.

He holds MSc in computer science at the Federal University of Santa Catarina and also studied at the University of Bristol during his bachelor’s degree. He has more than 15 years of experience in software development. During his career, he did a vast number of successful projects on the web, mobile, digital television, and desktop environment. He tried to bootstrap three companies before Resultados Digitais, but none was successful. He became an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2016. Since that period, he is also an angel investing in SaaS companies in Brazil.

His technical skills include Ruby and Java programming (chosen as one of the 100 Java Champions by Sun Microsystems), cloud infra, and agile processes. He is also an open-source, blogger, and speaker.


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